Do you ever feel like you are juggling too many balls at once?

Does it appear that the one “ball” you always drop is you?

Classic symptoms of the juggling act include feelings of dissatisfaction, low energy, stress, excess body weight, emotional eating, lack of physical activity, low self esteem, disrupted sleep, illness or disease.

It is time for you set down all of those balls you have in the air and rediscover yourself.

Take a weekend to reset and focus on your mind, body and spirit.

The Wholeness Retreat

The Wholeness Retreat will give you the opportunity to take a breath. Be pampered with luxury accommodation, relaxing spa soaks, massage, and meals prepared for you. Learn how to feel beautiful and bountiful during the educational and inspirational seminars. Blossom with twelve weeks of coaching following the retreat so that you can finally achieve your balance.

Retreat with us so that you can reconnect with your life purpose, gain the knowledge to grow into the woman you want to be and have the support to thrive. You can juggle it all- let us help you discover how.

Testimonials from clients:

“Thanks Kelly for all of the information!”
“Thank you Kelly, great job!”
“I really enjoy Kelly, her knowledge and experience.”
“Kelly does a great job. She is very clear and communicative.”
“I think Kelly made the environment comfortable and welcoming.”
“I really appreciate this! Kelly was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I learned a lot from her teaching style. “
“Kelly is very informed, prepared and easy to ask questions of.”

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