Meet Kelly

“I offer people the opportunity to achieve the life of their dreams and enjoy health, happiness and wealth through inspiration, coaching, mentoring and education.”

Kelly Davis Martin

Like most people, I’ve faced a variety of challenges in my life. I empathize with feelings of hopelessness and sadness as I know first hand how these feelings can affect your personal health, relationships, career and outlook on life.

A desire to reconnect with the ‘real me’ lead me to seek out more knowledge on health and wellness. I completed a Masters Degree in Public Health in Health Promotion and Education and I continue to learn and grow through continued study within this field. Unlike many others, though, my work with clients comes from a place of academic research and professional best practices rather than just personal success.

Although one area I’m yet to conquer is my infatuation with chocolate!

My own path to wholeness has led me to a place that allows me to do work I love- coach and inspire others. At Achieve Wellness I work with my clients to modify their lifestyle choices to make changes immediately. I hone their strengths to get results, guiding my clients to address physical, emotional, social and professional goals– so that they can life the life they deserve.

  • Kelly was born and lives in the small cowboy mountain town of Sisters, Oregon USA with her husband and young family
  • Kelly is the Director of Achieve Wellness
  • She’s a certified and licensed Wellness Coach
  • She works as a professor of Health and Human Performance
  • She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion and Education
  • Kelly’s trained as a personal trainer and sports nutritionalist
  • Kelly loves to have her cake – and eats it to! She also enjoys working it off with hot yoga and trail runs.


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