Coaching and Consulting

Your Map on the Journey of Life

One-On-One Coaching
This is exclusive individual coaching with Kelly for maximum accountability and results. Your one-to- one sessions are conducted over the phone which helps to utilize your time to ensure the best results. Individual coaching is the most effective way to identify the life you’d love to be leading, the motivation to keep on track and the accountability and expertise to ensure you finally get there.

Group Coaching
Group coaching is perfect for small groups with similar goals, challenges or lifestyles. Group coaching gives you the support of other like-minded individuals and the expert coaching and guidance – perfect for weight loss or other lifestyle goals.

Family Coaching
Family coaching works with any family unit, enabling you and your loved one’s to function as a thriving team. It’s suitable for any form of family – dealing with any type of hurdle, for example: blended families, adult children aiding an ageing parent, teenage issues etc. The coach can work with individuals and/or as a family group to ensure every voice is heard.

NEW! “Be Brilliant!” Self-Paced Education and Coaching
“Be Brilliant!” is a self-paced, accessible, anytime option – perfect for those who want additional information on all areas of wellness. This option is ideal for those who need the most recent information on health and wellness and for those who need a few more ‘tools in their tool belt’ on how to finally reach their goals. This interactive option gives you one program with a variety of modules to choose from, such as stress management, nutrition, physical activity and positive attitude. Listen, watch and read about the latest information and how to finally make the changes in your life. Engage with the coach thru your on-line platform and get feedback on your questions and goals.

Wellness Consulting
Working with businesses to improve their bottom line by looking after their employees’ health and wellness. Kelly can tailor a package unique to your organization to fast track the results you’re after.

All coaching service offer a 30-day happiness guarantee.
If you’re not happy with the services after 30 days then you get a full refund.

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Coaching Packages

Achieve the Life of Your Dreams
A 12-week tailored coaching program for when life’s been going great so far – but you need someone to help you get to that next level. This program gives you the firm encouragement you need. It holds you accountable and identifies your strengths and values, so that you can make the changes you need to thrive.

This package is ideal for:

  • People who have everything else in place but it is still not coming together for them.
  • Female executives wanting to climb the next rung on the corporate ladder.
  • Those searching for a new career or starting a business.
  • People ready to settle down, start a family or find their life partner.
  • People needing support during a time of transition or change

Get a Hold of Yourself
A family coaching option for partners, parents, children and/or siblings. Kelly uses her expertise as a professor to mentor families with teenagers and young adults so that the university experience can be the start of a fulfilling adult life. This package is ideal for:

  • Young adults struggling with tertiary education
  • Young adults coming out of juvenile detention or the like
  • Parents on their last nerve.

Have Her Cake and Eat It Too
A 12-week tailored coaching program for the busy woman who is doing everything at full pace, including eating! Have Her Cake and Eat It Too shows you how to get on the fast track to a slim and sexy new you.


Kelly’s coaching was just the remedy I needed.

“Over a year ago I went through a major life-changing experience. I was 25 pounds overweight and suffering from depression and needed to “pull out” of my slump. Kelly’s coaching was just the remedy I needed. She listened fully to my situation and in no time at all she helped me map out goals that I felt I could achieve. Kelly was there to support and encourage me as I gradually came back to the “real world”. The best part about this experience is that I was able to get back on track with my diet, feel good about myself and my body, and continue with a plan to keep my mind and body in shape. Thank you Kelly for getting me through such a tough time!
What are you waiting for? Everyone needs a coach!”

Julie S., Redmond, Oregon


Thank you so much.

“Life has been a struggle for me lately and it really makes me feel good to hear from you-whom I look up to and admire.”

Starla M., Bend, Oregon